Algemene Vergadering Medicinal Cannabis Europe

22 jun 2023   |   11:00 – 12:00

Op 22 juni van 11.00 – 12.00 uur is de jaarlijkse algemene vergadering van Medicinal Cannabis Europe



1. Approval of the minutes of the 2022 General Assembly
The President of Medicinal Cannabis Europe will submit the minutes of the last General Assembly for the approval of the Members.

2. Introduction to the General Assembly
The President will present the purpose of the teleconference and the agenda.

3. Update on Policy Developments
The Medicinal Cannabis Europe’s Secretariat will provide an update on the recent policy developments in the European Union and on the work of Medicinal Cannabis Europe in this regard.

4. Medicinal Cannabis Europe 2023 Advocacy Strategy. The President will invite the Secretary General to present the 2023 advocacy strategy. Members will be invited to ask questions.

5. Medicinal Cannabis Europe’s Scientific Advisory Board
. The President and the Secretary General will shortly update members on the work of the Scientific Advisory Board of Medicinal Cannabis Europe.

6. Membership

President and the Secretary General will present the general situation regarding the recruitment of members.

Financial Overview
The President will invite the Treasurer to present the financial overview for the closure of 2022 and ask members their formal approval.

8. Next General Assembly and A.O.B.

Note: To facilitate the interaction during the conference call, participants will be requested to mute their microphone.